Sunday, January 13, 2008

Camping with the Coyotes...

Saturday we headed to one of our favorite campgrounds. Set-up shop for the night and enjoyed the wonderful sunset with the coyotes chatting in the background. The weather was perfect. Can't beat a nice warm campfire and roasting hotdogs. They always taste better around the fire.

By the way, do you see Carl???

Click on the pic, and look by the black chair!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who Are We?

So how does this whole blog start??? Like this...

This post was typed in 2010 to give a nutshell of who we are, where we've been, and what's in store.  I've only put it at the beginning of the blog so you can follow easier.

Steve and I (Merri) have a goal to live full-time in an RV. Whether that be in a park while we still work or eventually traveling down the road someday when we retire.

We have two kids, our oldest has moved out and joined the Air Force and our youngest still lives at home with one more year of high school (as of 2010).  When we sat down and talked with the kids about selling the house, neither one had a problem with it.  Perfect! That's exactly what we wanted to hear.  Since they weren't using the pool any longer, hated helping with yard/house work and getting busier with friends, it wasn't hard for them to make a decision; which in turn made our decision easier.

We're currently without an RV but getting our ducks in order for a future Class A.  We've sold the house, 5th wheel, TC & truck and misc. clutter while we downsized to an apartment for the time being (actually a couple years ago since this post).  It's amazing how much you spend on a larger home & toys but then realize the $$$ you've wasted following family/societies expectations.  Even if I have to have a ball & chain (read job) I might as well live in something that makes me happy (read class A).  LOL!  I mean really, since when did you see anyone taking their house, in the fancy neighborhood down the road on a trip...NEVER!  At least in the Class A we can leave for the weekend to RV and still have a home to live in.  I say kill two birds with one stone!

I don't ever regret owning our many homes and providing a wonderful place for my kids to grow up but we sure didn't need the fancy cars, pool (we're really not water people) and other wasteful things.

Well, prior to this blog, I had two others but it became a pain to keep them up so....I've copied stuff from the first blog, deleted the second blog and now have "this" blog. Unfortunately the blog I deleted was in between so I'm missing lots of dates.

Don't worry! It's nothing big since we weren't out on the road or doing anything spectacular.
Thanks for following while I ramble on about our life. Hopefully some stuff I share will at the least give you a good laugh!

2010 is when this blog started from when I left off!