Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Old Montana Prison

July '07 we took a trip to Spokane Washington to
visit family & friends. Along the way we stopped
at the prison to do some sightseeing.

Walking up to the outside...hmm, can't imagine 
what's on the other side of those walls...
The Old Montana Prison began construction in the
spring of 1870 and had its first prisoner July 2nd 1871.

Frank Conley (the Warden) felt the prisoners should
work, so in 1893 he had them 
replace the 12 ft. wood fence with sandstone that was
4 1/2 ft. thick and went around the entire perimeter.

The execution of George Rock and a year later William Hayes.

Guess you shouldn't piss off the Warden...

The weapons of choice... o.k maybe they didn't 
have a choice on the dentist chair!

Weighted shoes so they couldn't run fast & far...

Actual clothing the prisoners wore...

Walking through the main hall was so sterile and cold.

What a life!!!

This is the HOLE!!!

Yes it was dark like a dungeon...

This is the back hallway where the guards would move from one section to another 
without having contact with the prisoners.

This is the hole where the guards would keep watch on the prisoners
while they watched movies.  Can you believe they had a theater in the prison???

Cell #1 belong to Paul "Turkey Pete" Eitner.
Convicted of murder, he spent the remaining days of his life 
behing bars.  He was 89 when he finally passed in 1967 and was 
the only inmate to have a funeral in the prison.
After his death, his cell was retired!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our Volkswagen Days gone by...

I thought I'd post some pictures of our camping days before we got the Truck and Camper. We bought a '58 Double Door Volkswagen Bus and had planned on restoring it but after 2 yrs. we decided the nicer TC was more our style. 

Mogollon!  East of Payson, Az.

This is our 2nd tent on the other side of the bus or as we call it, the back door!  
Andrew (our son) slept here and that is his bug.

Emily is a GREAT cook!

I made this video a few years back of our camping trip with the 
Arizona Bus Club at the yearly Jerome Jamboree!

Jerome Jamboree!

Our Campsite!

Had to keep the doors shut because of the dust!

Won trophy for best "unrestored" bus!