Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Granny Square Afghan (brown & blue)

This is the afghan I'm crocheting for my daughter. I'm using 4 colors from red heart (3 browns and 1 blue). Still working on it, not quite done yet. Anyway, not bad for only my second blanket ever, LOL!

Colors: Buff, Cafe, Coffee & Windsor Blue
All Red Heart Super Saver

Monday, March 22, 2010

Working on it!

So once again I'm changing blogs. The problem is that I'm trying to keep things separate instead of just sharing everything on one blog and the e-mail address is the issue. So I'm joining all blogs here. I love the name Coffee Cafe' since we both drink coffee up the wazoo but it's already taken so I used My Coffee Cafe the first time. The other blog was Our Z Biz but again the e-mail was the issue. So now I'm using Our Coffee Cafe, well it is a blog about both of us, LOL! Hopefully this will be it and I apologize for the confusion.

So now to figure out how to import the old blog to the new blog? I haven't a clue. Since I just got a new MacBook Pro, I'm still learning.

So what else has been happening? Not much! I am working on a new afghan for my daughter. Pics will be coming soon...