Monday, April 20, 2009

New Friends from Tennessee

I've been following blogs and forums for a couple years now and I'm finally starting to put faces with names. Our new friends are Chet & Janet from Tennessee and what a pleasure to meet them. We've been over to their pad a couple times in the TC to hang out, chit chat and do dinner. They must like us, they were kind enough to take us for a wonderful steak dinner at Rawhide and do some window shopping. Then as if that wasn't enough...they kept us up until 2 am. Almost made me feel like I was sneaking in the house when I got home, lol. Thanks again, we really did appreciate your kindness. Here's my Tennessee friends...

Here are the rigs hanging out enjoying the perfect weather...while the group discusses all the TC stuff. You're looking at a Bigfoot (ours) Snowriver (Paul & Terry) Lance (Chet & Janet) & two chevy's and a ford.

Sitting around with Chet & Janet and Paul & Terry. These are the only decent pics I have...either the battery was going dead or Steve just doesn't take good pics.