Monday, April 5, 2010

Emily's Crochet Afghan & Earthquake

Wow! Finally done! I think it turned out real nice and Emily's happy. It measures right about 60" square. I used about 7 skeins of red heart and yes I over bought. A lot! I'm still learning how to gage how much to buy. I started with 13 skeins making sure my dye lots matched knowing this is important for the project to look good. I'll post a pic to show how much is left over. I'm very surprised.

Here's what I started with: 2 skeins 16 oz. each & 9 skeins of 7 oz. each

1 skein 7 oz. & 1 skein 16 oz. Buff (the lg. skein is hardly used), 3 skeins 7 oz. ea. Cafe (one whole skein & partial left), 1 skein 7 oz. & 1 skein 16 oz. Coffee (about half of 16 0z left), 4 skeins 7 oz. Windsor Blue (one whole skein & second skein barely touched). I tried to get 3 skeins of each and 4 of blue since I knew I would be starting and finishing with the blue.

Looks like I'll be starting my first Project Linus blanket. I'm thinking of a ripple...yes?

Also on another note...Yes we felt the EARTHQUAKE! Holy smokes what a feeling. I'm sitting in my big comfy chair crocheting and then everything starts moving. It was the most bizarre feeling. Almost made me feel motion sickness. So where and what??? It was 20 miles south of the U.S. border in Baja Mexico and originally called a 6.9 on the richter scale but upgraded to a 7.2 ~ dang!

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Merri said...

The earthquake was actually yesterday around 3:40 pm. and yes I finished the afghan yesterday too but finally got it published today. Yeah!