Thursday, October 28, 2010

Help! Blogger acting up...


Not sure what's going on but some of my pictures are there one minute and gone the next.  Leaving behind a box with a blue question mark.

Any idea's as to 
whats happening???  

Even my profile pic is doing it yet I've reloaded it a couple times.  Had my daughter check on her computer and she gets the same thing.



Rick and Paulette said...

Blogger's been acting a bit strange all day. They must be having some problems. It usually clears up after a day. We had some problems posting here.

Merri and Steve said...

Thanks Rick! I was hoping you'd comment, LOL! Ya it's been a pain today. Even had to refresh a couple times just so I could leave a comment on my own blog, ha ha!

Laurie and George said...

Yeah, I noticed the last couple days some 'issues'. Such as..the list of blogs I follow had no detail, and when I would click on them there were no pictures, and the text was wonky. I thought it was my seems 'ok'.