Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Toy Update...The Rice Cooker

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

Micom NS-VGC05 (3 cups)

So what does Micom mean?

It has its own brain!  So how cool is that?

Zojirushi NS-VGC05 Micom 3 Cup Rice Cooker

Who would have thought there's so much to learn about Rice!
Rice in the husk, bran layer, chaff, albumen, germ...

brown rice, semi-brown rice, white rice, rinse-free Rice

Types of Rice

Three Ladies Jasmine Rice

We stopped at Lee Lee's Asian Grocery Store
to pick up our #25 lbs bag of rice and I must
say, when we walked in the front door
I about died!  The smell of


about knocked me out!
Steve and Emily said my lips turned white 
and they were worried about me!

But the trooper I am roughed it out
and purchased my rice for $20 then
high tailed it outathere!

Measuring Cup & Paddle
Which by the way is not a "true" cup
it's actually 5.8 oz (green) and 6.1 oz. (clear)

After you rinse the rice (in the same bowl) then
fill water to the appropriate water line.
Select the correct setting and
push the cook button.

Then it's music to my ears!


It plays "twinkle twinkle little star"


You have YUMMY Rice!

The handy dandy steamer!

Sunbeam Steamer

The finished product!

Wanted to show size compared to other
appliances to give you a feel of how 
little counter space it takes.

If you remember a previous post
I talked about the ice crusher, magic bullet and

MOCHA FRAPS  (<-- click me)

I make for my treat!

Ice Crusher & Magic Bullet (left) Rice Cooker (right)

So if you're wondering about purchasing a rice cooker...


I highly recommend it to everyone!!!

Part 2 ~ The Burrito

Carl & EB

Check out the tongue on EB... LOL!


-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Looks like an awesome toy! Have you ever tried making Mango Sticky Rice? Not sure if you like Thai food, but that's one of my favorite desserts. I bet your little machine would make it super easy!

Gail Durham said...

Looks like a real smart appliance

Lynilu said...

My rice cooker is not nearly so fancy, but I love it nevertheless. I used to avoid cooking rice because I could never time it quire right. Now I eat rice frequently. You will enjoy it immensely! I can promise that!

Merri and Steve said...

Nellie ~ no I've never tried mango sticky rice but it sounds wonderful. I'll add it to my bucket list and do a write-up when I tackle that one.

Gail ~ as long as I don't have to works for me!

Lyn ~ the only reason I got the multiple setting cooker is for the small compact size. Someday I may experiment but don't hold your breath. I'm pretty vanilla! LOL!

Rick and Paulette said...

I think we've got a rice cooker around here somewhere but it's not as fancy as yours and it doesn't play music either! Have fun, it looks nice and compact which is great!