Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zenyatta ~ What a ride!

As I sat watching from front row seats 
the anticipation was killing me!  

Finally they're off!

Typical, Zenyatta fell to the back of the pack 
which seems to be a comfortable spot for her. 
That is until she makes her move and that she did.  
From last place she inched her way to the front 
of the pack but unfortunately she needed an extra stride.  

Blame won by a nose that took a photo finish to declare.  
With a crowd of over 72,000 cheering on these mega beasts 
at Churchill Downs another race goes down in history.
Zenyatta's 19 win streak has come to an end 
along with her racing career.  
She is now retired!

Enjoy the video of Blame and Zenyatta

Zenyatta  (<-- click me)


Rick and Paulette said...

It was a great race and it's just too bad Zenyatta lost a heartbreaker. She's still a champion though - even the great Secretariat lost 1 race.

Merri and Steve said...

Yes Rick I completely agree! Those intense races just give me goose bumps, LOL!

By the way, I couldn't get the video to load on my page. Any idea's why? As you see, I had to upload to my youtube acct. and link it instead.