Saturday, October 30, 2010

October 31st 2010 ~ Smile!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Help! Blogger acting up...


Not sure what's going on but some of my pictures are there one minute and gone the next.  Leaving behind a box with a blue question mark.

Any idea's as to 
whats happening???  

Even my profile pic is doing it yet I've reloaded it a couple times.  Had my daughter check on her computer and she gets the same thing.


Monday, October 25, 2010

The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop
So I snagged these pics off the internet to share
with you our stomping grounds or should I say....

Our favorite Coffee Shop!!!

Not only are the pastry's great but they also have
a menu for breakfast and lunch.

Plus they're scooter friendly....

We Love It!!!

The Beginning
The Coffee Shop
Back Patio
Bistro Bar
The Sugar High
Inside Lounge
Work Station
More Yummies
Back Patio
Scooter Friendly
Christmas Cheer

Got my fix yesterday with a 
Vanilla Breve'
and an Orange poppyseed Scone.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Moving on the way Margie would like...

I'm sure Margie would want us all to carry on doing what she loved...


So, with Margie and Bruce in mind I'm going to share
the other Camper we're looking at for possibilities 
to enjoy this wonderful lifestyle!

The Lance 825 

Lance 825
Lance 825 Inside
Outside Compartment
Atwood Jacks
Refrigerator 3-way Power
Air Conditioning
The Head

Here's the specs for the Lance 825

Dry Weight:   1755 lbs
Interior Floor Length:   8'6"
Interior Height:   78"
Exterior Width:   86"
Overall Exterior Height:   7'6"
Exterior Length:   16'6"
Fresh Water Tank:   30 Gals.
Grey Water Tank:   11 Gals.
Black Water Tank:   14 Gals.
Propane:   1 (5 Gal. Tank)
Refer 3-Way Power:   3 Cubic Ft.
Standard Furnace:   12K BTU's
Queen Cabover Mattress (North/South)
Generator:  Portable

Sunday, October 17, 2010

They say it comes in three's but...DANG!

Well after hearing of the sad news of Tioga George losing
his son David, I thought oh boy here we go...

Unfortunately we've lost 2 more wonderful people.  I'm sorry to say Bruce & Margie have lost their lives after a suicidal maniac mowed them down with a car.  Shock and sorrow sits in me now with a shield of anger.  How dare that person be so selfish and self-centered.

To follow their blogs and see the wonderful life they lived
visit them here...

Tioga George vagabonders-supreme

To the immediate families ~ I am truly sorry for your loss!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Never say Never ~ Class A to TC

Well we've once again shifted plans.  After much debate and a LONG HOT summer here in the desert we've decided to move north.  The original plan was to continue working full-time while living in a Class A year round down here in Phx but this summer has been brutal on me and I've come to the conclusion I'm done with the desert.  The last 2 yrs we have been in an apartment while slowly making the transition but the constant roar of the A/C running non-stop is enough to drive me insane!  I can't imagine doing this in a much smaller space.  So, north it is!

Why the title Never say Never?  Because I said I would Never live in the snow again but I'm moving 120 miles south of the Canadian Border.  Back to Washington we go!  However, I am going to enjoy one last winter down here in the desert.  Just planning on being gone in time for next summer.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Now whats this about Class A to TC?

Well since we're not going to live in a Class A full-time because of the freezing weather up north we need to find something in our budget that will still allow our nature outings and sightseeing trips.  What a perfect rig to keep a small footprint, stay under the radar, keep all the amenities of an RV ~

A TC (Truck Camper)

We've had one before so we're not new to this 
and appreciate all the pro's a TC has to offer.

So first up for review:  
The Adventurer 80 GS

More to come…

Ok here's some specs on the TC.  The Adventurer 80 GS 
was designed for a 6 1/2 foot short bed truck like the 
Nissan Titan or Toyota Tundra.  Also keeping with the 
lightweight design it comes in at a whopping 1455 lbs. dry.
The typical is to give yourself 1000 lbs. for extra weight
(yourself, passengers, clothes, genie, water ect.)
making this a 2500 lbs. wet camper.  

Not Bad!

We'll keep with one of the big 3 for the hauler.
Still like the look of Ford but open to the other two as well.
We will downsize the truck this time around from a 
dually to a SRW in the 250/2500 size.

Upgrades will be:

Hellwig Sway Bar and Torklift & Fastguns.

I've just learned the sad news ~
My heart and prayers go out to our Good Friend and Blogger
Tioga George and his son David.

I am sorry for your loss!