Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bike Carrier for the Boys!

We picked up a bike stroller for the boys so we can finally take them along with us and hopefully get out a little more. Plan on taking it for a spin tonight as soon as the sun hits the horizon. Still pretty hot during the day even though we've had cooler temps the last few days. I get so tired of saying I want to do this or I want to do that but never seem to follow through with the plans. Really looking forward to riding again and engaging in life. Been sitting home way too much dreaming about when the day comes but it seems the days just keep passing me by.

I'll get a few more pics up this evening once we get back.

The boys were trying it out in the living room. LOL!!! Carl (the white one) is more daring so I'm sure he'll enjoy it the most but E.B. hopefully will be happy just tagging along.

Maiden Voyage! The boys had a wonderful time. E.B. (little black one) who is usually the most terrified just laid down, stretched out and relaxed. Carl had to sit up the whole time wondering where we were going. Heading out again in a few minutes. Will get better pics later instead of with my cell phone.

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