Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dawg Days...

Steve what have you done to me???

Seriously here's the cover up story...

\     /
\  /

Flies I tell ya! 

Yep once in a while one gets in and the boys love it!
Mama caught them in the act being cute & funny.

Dawg Days!  (video)

Don't worry about watching all 2 min. LOL!
30 seconds will be more than enough to get the pic.

So back to my bruise...the fly landed on the slider 
in the corner about half way up and 
I thought I'd help Carl (he's white) see where it landed.  
E.B. (the barker) did just that...he barked when 
Carl spotted the fly and me having a flinching problem...


And what does flinch mean?  to recoil, to draw back suddenly, 
to pull away from source of fear...

Yep, I jerked my arm back so fast and hit the right side of the slider. 
Good thing it wasn't the funny bone!

Did I say OUCH!!!  LOL!

Now I'm just a lovely shade of YELLOW!

They love their new FORT!

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Happytrails said...

OUCH is right!! That looks nasty!
Yes, I do like the new FORT. They look very comfortable. :)

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)