Monday, July 26, 2010

Project Linus & Crochet Friends

is a nation wide Charity that donates handmade
blankets to children who are seriously/terminally ill,
traumatized or in need.

The blankets are Crocheted, Knitted and Quilted by volunteer

Check out the website to find a Chapter near you!

Fleece blanket, I'm adding a Coffee (Red Heart) border.

This is the V stitch I'm still working on for P.L.
I'm using Sage (Red Heart), Buff (R.H.) & Burgundy (R.H.)
Would like to get it finished for the August meeting 
if I'd quit blogging and surfing all day!

Another Fleece blanket that will have a Burgundy (R.H.) edge.

I've really been enjoying my time crocheting.
It moves along much quicker than knitting which is 
a huge factor for me since I need quick gratification.

I tried knitting a few times but for some reason I have
a hard time with holding the needles.  Crocheting
feels very natural in my hands and seems to be more relaxing.

One of my followers, Debra Yorston is a very talented crocheter and 
makes such beautiful pieces.  Check out her blog at:


Debra's afghans are so pretty...they may have you
picking up a hook and starting a new hobby!

If you already crochet then you may find a
pattern to try off her blog.  

I love her willingness to share!

Thank You Debi !!!


Laurie and George said...

Your blankets are beautiful. What a great thing to do. I've heard of the Linus project, it's terrific.

Happytrails said...

Your blankets are just beautiful..what wonderful talent. The Linus Project is such a blessing to so many children and families. I never learned to crochet or knit. I might give it a try one day. Who knows!!
Thanks for sharing with us!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Debi Y. said...

Hi Merri - thank you so much for your very nice compliments. You have certainly made my evening happier. :)

I like your afghans too - especially the pink flowery one.

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

Hey Merri! You are so talented! I love crocheted blankets. My mom would stay up late crocheting when my dad was working on getting his degree so she could spend time with him. I only had the patience to learn how to make a stupid oven mitt.