Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fish Breath!

ok on a serious joking!
I decided to start my vitamins again
yes again!  For some reason I can't seem
to stay focused and live the lifestyle.

Well after a year of being in a funk, 
which I blame on the fact that I can't full-time yet,
I figured I'd better start getting healthy again.

Taking my typical multi-vitamin, C, and a couple others
I thought I should add an Omega 3, 6 & 9.  Usually I 
take Flaxseed Oil but after reading on the net, it's 
apparent that Fish Oil is better for you.

O.K. time to suck it up!
I don't eat seafood....


Never tried and don't plan on it in my lifetime.  
There's certain things that I just have to put my foot 
down about and eating fish is one of them.  
I don't even get in the water with them.
They completely gross me out!

Well after holding my breath, rolling my eyes in my head,
and gulping as much water as I could, 
they actually went down pretty easy.
Within a half hour I was burping fish.


But I have to get healthy right?
So on a serious note...

Do any of you bloggers take vitamins?
Which ones?  Why?

Of course if you care to share! 
I'd like to hear what you have to say...


Debi Y. said...

It's good you're trying to be healthy. I take a women's multi-vitamin, glucosemine chondroitin and menopause support. So far, so good. :)

Happytrails said...

I have experimented with several over the past few years but right now I am only taking the multi-vitamin(Silver Centrum) and the vitamin D that my doctor prescribed for life. There is something a little weird about reading on a prescription bottle "for life." This vitamin D is a huge dose and I take one every other week.

Have fun with your vitamins and yes, you do need to be healthy when you get to the full-time thing cause you'll want to do so much walking/hiking etc. Got to have energy for all of that. :)

Mike & Gerri

Merri and Steve said...

Thanks for sharing ladies!

Debi I did take the glucosamine chondroitin but didn't really feel any different. Was really hoping it would help my knees and ankles, plus my shoulder after having frozen shoulder but don't really feel it did anything.

Gerri I'll have to look into the vitamin D. Didn't even think about that one, LOL! I hear you on the walking/hiking. Steve and I were walking 3 miles a night but once the heat hit we've had to hold off.

I've heard stories about losing weight with fish oil. I just hope they're not fish tales!

Joy and Phil said...

I stopped taking my all my vitamins in 2008 after years of taking supplements. For one year I proclaimed I couldn't tell the difference then I began to feel tired and depressed as the weeks went by. Finally, I started taking them again in 2009 and I felt an immediate difference in my attitude. Especially the B vitamins ... they work wonders on your anxiety levels. I truly believe they helped me survive until my heart disease was diagnosed. I am a true believer now and take too many to list. My cardiologist ordered me to take 2500 units of fish oil daily. I'm lucky it does not repeat on me and I have no problem swallowing the capsule.
Good luck in your new regime!