Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A New Blog to share

Well I've stumbled upon a blog that I felt was worth sharing. While not a blog about RV'ing like the ones I usually follow it's still an amazing journey of a family and the road they travel.
So the next time you have a flat, the campground is a little noisy, traffic has you at a slow crawl, or the rain has you blue, be thankful for these petty things. Yes I need to go look in the mirror and say this to myself 1000 times.

You can check out Stephanie's Blog at NieNie Dialogues.

Or click on the blue typewriter on my sidebar.


-Nellie and Jonathan said...

I love reading Nie Nie too! I also have her link on my blog. She's so inspiring. Seeing her journey from before the crash to now makes me want to be a better person.


Merri and Steve said...

I spent all day yesterday reading about her and her family. Makes me feel like a twit being all down in my funk after hearing what she's been through. By the way Nellie, it was your blog how I found her. Thanks for linking it. Hopefully someone will read about her through my blog.

Cheers! Merri