Friday, July 2, 2010

The Coffee Shop....Literally!

So we decided at the beginning of the week that Friday we'd get up early and ride our bikes to The Coffee Shop. It's a 4 mile trek one way which we thought would be no problem! It wouldn't have been had it not been for 100 degree temps and two flat tires! Lets just say the rest of the day we did NOTHING! The heat zapped our energy.

Oh and to clarify the two was on the doggy trailer, LOL! That was a hard hump home for poor Steve. As for Carl & E.B. they didn't notice a thing!

Unfortunately I forgot the camera. Ugh! Pictures next time. Promise!


-Nellie and Jonathan said...

A couple more experiences where you forget to bring your camera, and I promise, you'll be tucking it into your bra strap every morning :)


Merri and Steve said...

Maybe I should add a poll...

How many times will Merri forget the camera???

One answer...Too Many!

The bra strap huh? I'll think about it!!! ;)