Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lies, lies, lies!!!


You heard it here folks...
the great Weather Pro's have been telling me


The forecast for the next 7 days will be


however, they keep pushing it back and all we get is...


maybe with some off and on cloud cover.

I know most would enjoy the sun but my cup is running over.
That sounds like a great song...sure enough after a little google
I found it by Bob Marley.  Yes I'll save your ears...
let's just say it wasn't my cup of tea!

So back to the Weatherman...
Please, please bring some rain
I'm due for a change!


Margie M. said...

I'll do a rain dance for you up here in Tumwater, WA....just don't send the rain up here. We are enjoying a wonderful, sunny summer.

Happytrails said...

No rain here either...just nice hot bright sunshine bringing with it temps at around 100 degrees with the heat index near 110.

Enough is enough already....lets have some rain and cooling!!
Hopefully Margie's rain dance will help!!

Hang in there it will rain one day!

Mike & Gerri